2012 Year in Review

Here are just a few stats and photos from 2012:

BeforeAfter2012 Youtube videos Composition (http://youtube.com/bowulf)

  • 19 Induction Friendly recipe videos (61% of my videos)
  • 6 Extended Induction Friendly recipe videos (19% of my videos)
  • 6 OWL Friendly recipe videos (19% of my videos)
  • 1 Product Review video
  • 4 Other LC-related Videos
  • Of the 31 recipe videos, 14 were entree or sides, 7 were desserts, 3 were breakfast ideas, 3 were snack ideas, and 3 were miscellaneous


  • 1,099,301 Views (2011 – 977586 views )
  • Since September 1, my videos have been viewed 819,162 Minutes Watched (or said differently, over 1 year 203 days minutes has been spent in people viewing my videos)
  • 5564 Likes (2011 – 4497 Likes )
  • 281 Dislikes (2011 – 165 Dislikes  – apparently more people disliked me this year too)
  • 4834 Comments (2011 – 5097 Comments)
  • 332 Shares (2011 – 226 Shares)
  • 4052 Favorites (2011 – 4096 Favorites)
  • 4413 Net Increase in subscribers (2011 – 3592 Net Increase Subscribers )


Demographics: 32.7% Male vs. 67.3% Female
Top 10 Countries:

  1. United States    733,326
  2. UK         78,173
  3. Canada        71,089
  4. Australia     28,441
  5. Germany     14,579
  6. Saudi Arabia    8,812
  7. Netherlands    8,693
  8. Malaysia    7,935
  9. India        7,239
  10. Ireland        6,118
    (Last Year’s #9 Sweden fell off list)

Races ran 2012:Ragnar Relay Chicago MedalAtkinsAllStar

  • Garmin Marathon (April)        4:10:39
  • Ragnar Relays (June)
  • Des Moines Marathon (Pacing)    5:19:59 (October)
  • RCC Run the Woods (November)
  • Living History Farms (November)

I received the most votes in the Atkins All Star Challenge, and won the males 40 & under category prize.

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11 Responses to 2012 Year in Review

  1. Leo says:

    Hi Kent,
    I’m a rather recent subscriber to your web site and really enjoy your youtube videos. Although I’ve been LCing for nearly 3 years I always learn new things regularly.
    Nice to see a large increase in people interested in LCing, I know this year will be even better for you.
    Great job!
    An off the wall question I have is have you ever had problems with high blood pressure? For me I reduced my weight by 30~ pounds and my lipids especially trigs have gone from 700+ to under 100 and my HDL from 39 to 57. Everything looks good there but my blood pressure remains an issue. I know my sodium intake is too high according to RDA since it’s almost impossible to get too little. I’m 99% certain that my potassium is too low even though I supplement with some No-Salt (Potassium Chloride). (I use fitday.com to track my nutrition.)
    Any thoughts?

    Thanks and have a great year…

    • admin says:

      I actually trend towards the other side if anything. My blood pressure when I started Atkins was rather high. 130/88 – borderline high and would have eventually got me on medicine. Since Atkins and even before I started running marathons, it dropped like a rock. I now typically have 100/60 and sometimes lower systolic pressure. I am therefore not concerned about my sodium intake at all, and will routinely have as much as 2000-3000mg I am sure daily. I know some people are definitely more sensitive to sodium than I am though. I’ll see if I can find any other reports.

  2. Leo says:

    Thanks so much for your help, I really do appreciate it and hope I can achieve such favorable BP like you.

  3. Amm says:

    I love watching your progress and successes Kent! I have been a follower on youtube for years now ^_^ Congrats on doing such a great job and turning your life around the way that you have. You truly inspire people and shed the right kind of light on the low carb lifestyle. I look forward to all of your future posts! I also can’t wait to try those BBQ meatballs! 😀

    • admin says:

      Thanks Amm for all the kind words. I should have a new series of 9 (maybe) new recipes starting out later this week or a week from now after my Dallas trip.

  4. Carol Altena says:

    Hi Kent! You had a awesome year. You have helped so many people, me for one and in NW IA.You have quite following! Keep up the good work! Have an even more sucessful video year in 2013. LC lifestyle is for everyone!

  5. Linda says:

    Just starting the Atkins diet….any good tips…can I drink the Atkins shakes in phase one? I was on Atkins a long time ago. Didn’t do so well..my fault…thank you, Linda

    • admin says:

      My best tip is to find easy low carb Induction Friendly meals you can make yourself, so you don’t feel deprived or in a rut. Steak and bunless cheeseburgers are great, but even I got bored with them after a while. That is where a good low carb recipe site will help. You can check out my list of recipe videos here (http://www.atkinsdietgeek.com/atkins-diet-recipe-videos/), and the Induction Friendly ones are marked with (IF) or (IF*).

      To your shake question, they are officially allowed on Phase 1 or Induction, but I would encourage limiting their use as much as possible in favor of home made meals. They can stall some people with their sugar alcohols.

  6. Charlie says:

    Hi i have watched your videos for à while.

    I have some questions about the new cookbook and such.

    I live in Sweden and I have lost 63 kg thanks to Atkins

    So if you have the time and if you want i would be grateful if you could email me?


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