Atkins News and Low Carb Giveaway

Atkins News and Low Carb Giveaway

I made this video in honor of my next published cookbook, Low Carbing Among Friends, Volume 3 ( ) being in stock at Amazon. Thank you guys for your awesome support for Volume 1, which big news might be coming out soon. Volume 3 should be even better with awesome cooks like Judy Barnes Baker, Kyndra Holley, and Vanessa Romero in it. Over 360 new low carb recipes to try out!

The second reason for this video is being featured in Atkins Diet Quick Start Guide (2013). It was really cool to see my face in the booklet, and I would encourage you to get your free copy. (

Finally I have a low carb giveaway of a free Atkins Diet Frozen Food coupon to 5 viewers. All you have to do is answer this question, “What has low carbing allowing you to do that you never imagined before?”

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10 comments to Atkins News and Low Carb Giveaway

  • Kathy

    My low carb lifestyle has allowed to cut back on my insulin – from 14 shots a week to an average of 4- 6 a week.. And i have dropped 4 sizes and 40 lbs!

  • Low-carbing allows me to control my weight without thinking about food all the time.


  • Lisa

    My new low carb life has help me two-fold.

    First, it has helped me go from 2000 mg Metformin/day to 1000 Metformin/day. The doctor expects to be able to help me get off completely and not require any drugs for the Diabetes at all. She says my A1C is so good that she can almost take the word “DIABETIC” off my medical records!!!

    Secondly, but most importantly, a modified version of the Atkins diet (Modified Atkins Diet)has helped me to get my daily number of epileptic seizures down. Now I have them about every 10-12 weeks. What a Godsend! If there is anyone else with epilepsy, I encourage you to look into this.

    A third reason that I just thought to mention: I started the diet for the epilepsy, but because I am on it, I am almost 75 lbs down!!!! I started at 349 and today am at 275! WOO-HOO!! (even with the high amounts of fats I am required to eat, it is still comming off!)

    • peggy

      how many fat do you take each day?

      • admin

        It depends. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but it really comes down to hunger and my particular food for that day. I generally try to eat about 60-65% of my Calories more or less from Fat. From a quantity perspective than might be 133-200g variation depending on my hunger levels and what specific foods I am eating that day.

      • admin

        One final piece of qualifying statement is about the only thing I am cognizant about is my carb intake, but even that is more just a generality now. I don’t typically long or am hungry for high carb foods, so I just generally eat a low carb diet. Therefore the numbers just generally work themselves out to be that ratio. Sometimes my protein intake is higher than say 30% or so, but that is generally my targeted amount.

  • Jeanne

    Low carbing absolutely removes that dreaded feeling of hunger an hour or so after a meal! I find myself forgetting about food in between meals. I also love to cook so have enjoyed using the great recipes from you and those in LCAF.

  • Kathy

    It has allowed me to shop at regular stores, and not the “fat lady” stores anymore, after losing 60 pounds and counting!!

  • Lisa

    Go to your neurologist!!! Ask him/her about it!!!
    (and definately don’t start it without him!)

  • Jillian

    What is low carbing allowing me to do that I never imagined before?

    Two things especially come to mind for me: 1. Living a life without obsessing about food! I never realized before low carbing that my whole life revolved around obsessing (or trying NOT to obsess) about food! It’s very scary to reflect on this now that I’m on the other side of that! 2. Not be in a non-stop brain fog.


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