Everything is not as it seems

798266_10151310354417663_1871909312_oI am in Seattle for a technical conference for Microsoft.  I have to walk 8 blocks or so each way to the conference center, and on my way back, I noticed the sign hanging above my head from Protein Planet – Low Carb Cafe.   It was 6pm, and they were already closed.  A “Low Carb Café” though made me optimistic.  What if they had actually implemented what I always wanted —  a low carb café where one could order anything and not have worry about off limits ingredients? I posted to Facebook my photo, and sure enough everyone had the same excited reaction — when can I get one in my city?  From the outside, they certainly featured “Naked wraps.”

Reality though was quite different.  The company is very focused on the Smoothie’s they sell.  The smoothie’s reportedly are 65g net carbs each and feature fruits and wheat germ.  I stopped in the restaurant for lunch today to see what else they sold.  I was dismayed by what I found being sold in the purportedly low carb café.  The soda rack featured as many regular, HFCS-filled soda as it did diet sodas.  The shelves of food featured soy crisps and other crackers.  They weren’t wheat filled at least I thought.  On the back wall though, I saw their other feature – rice bowls for beef, chicken, and other meat.  I am not sure rice (!) bowls are on any low carb diet as most specifically say eliminate the “whites” as the first step.  The only nod to low carb inside the story was the “naked wraps,” but they offered soup with it.  The soup may or may not have low carb as it was not mentioned.  No where in the store did I see a mention of net carbs on any of the menu billboards.

Ironically, this was after my video about Dreamfield’s Pasta and their dubious nature.  I was pleased to see those were relatively low carb or at least did not impact my blood glucose.  I was disappointed to find out the opposite was true for this mirage.  It appeared to be what most low carbers have always wanted — a commercial place dedicated to their needs; sadly, reality was much different.  I would much rather simply get an “Unwich” from Jimmy John’s.  At least then I would know what I would be getting.  It shows finally that don’t get too excited about a product, company, etc. until you know all the details or at least how it affects you.  With low carb, I often suggest those who are skeptics (like I was 9 years ago) to educate themselves and at least try it before placing judgment.

Browse around like I did the “Low Carb Cafe,” and determine if it is for you. If it enables you to lose the weight and gives you more energy like me, keep going.

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7 comments to Everything is not as it seems

  • Dan

    I found you today searching for people with diabetes using Atkins shakes, as I’ve become quite fond of them. When I heard you mention Dr Bernstein in a video, I had to smile…his book changed my life. This post in particular got my attention because I live outside of Seattle, and have never heard of this cafe. I was ready to make lunch plans for the weekend until I finished your review! I am amazed at your body of work, and I’ll certainly be adding to your viewership statistics this weekend. Keep it up!

  • Leona Joy

    I found you today while trying to find something I could show people about the difference between high protein and high fat. Your video was great at breaking down the section of Dr Atkins’ book that I won’t carry around and read out-loud to people.
    It’s great to have what looks to be a great resource for this way of living.
    I’ll be reading and looking forward to getting to know your story.

  • Darn it! When I first saw your blog post, then read the comments, I saw that this was in Seattle. I live in Seattle and am always on the lookout for this kind of thing. How excited I was! Then, I read your blog post … and now I’m sad. 🙁

    I can’t even begin to understand what went through their heads when they came up with that menu. Tsk tsk tsk … for shame.

    • admin

      I know that was exactly my response too. WHy they thought things like white rice or HFCS belonged in a low carb cafe is beyond me.

  • If I had to guess, it’s “supply and demand”. Being that it’s in downtown Seattle, they probably had many people pop in over the years, requesting “Coca-Cola” … or they needed to offer options for the FRIENDS of the low-carber. They may have started with the best of intentions, but found that the other other stuff slowly crept in, in order to satisfy a larger number of people. Today, it’s not even really “low-carb” at all, but the evolutionary process of the thing may have been so slow, that … they may not even fully realize how far from their original mission they are!

    Or … they COULD just be dumb dumbs! 😉

  • Its just as bad in europe, near to impossible to find a really good low carb restaurant, junk food and large soda’s everwhere. It seems little or no supply for for the low carb dieter, been in london, madrid and paris. You have to pay throught the nose to get the low carb foods.


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