My latest project – writing for CarbSmart magazine

CarbSmart-logo-600  I have been following the team (Andrew DeMino, Dana Carpender, Jimmy Moore, and my favorites — Amy Dungan and Susie Gibbs) for quite awhile.  Carbsmart has been around for nearly 13 years, but last year  they changed their focus from being the go-to source low carb products to being the go-to source for low carb information and review on the latest low carb news.

“CarbSmart Magazine provides up-to-date and unbiased information about the many benefits of the low carb lifestyle,” says Dana Carpender. “Our focus is to cover anything that will help our readers be successful on a low carb diet, so they can reap its many benefits. We also provide information about low carb diets to control or eliminate diabetes. And we evaluate and report on the latest research & information about carbohydrate restriction and diabetic and Paleo diets to help our readers understand how these diets may help them.”

1536x2048CSMCover_PremiereflatStarting last month, Carbsmart rolled out their digital version on iTunes.  It will have new content only available in the digital magazine.  Eventually, it will evolve to be found on more platforms and eReaders than just Apple products, such as Kindles, Android and Windows devices.  The first issue of the Carbsmart magazine featured the best articles of 2012 by some of the best minds in the low carb field, like Jacqueline Eberstein, RN, Drs. Volek and Phinney, Dr. Richard Feinman, Dr. Rainer Klement, Dana Carpender, Jimmy Moore, Amy Dungan, and Susie Gibbs.  I especially appreciated Susie’s awesome Easter recipes.   That Fluffy Chix can certainly cook!

Starting in the second issue, it will also feature me.  I was asked if I wanted to start writing for them for both the online and possibly the digital magazine as well.  I was honored to be asked.  My area of topics is close to my heart.  Ever since I started doing Atkins, one of things I was always told that “you certainly can’t exercise on a low carb diet.”  I had numerous well-meaning Wellness folks at my last employer tell me they couldn’t do a low carb diet because they worked out and then were amazed as I ran on the treadmill or worked out on the treadmill. I will be writing on being active on a low carb ketogenic diet, whether that be simply walking with the kids, running marathons, or doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), like P90x.

I would encourage you to check out both the online version Carbsmart and especially the digital magazine at iTunes.  The first issue was awesome, and it should only get better from here.

PS – in honor of my new writing gig, I am running the Hy-Vee Drake Relays Half Marathon in two weeks.  I’ll be pacing the half marathon group in this inaugural race.  It should be a good race, and I love being able to others achieve their dream of completing a half marathon.

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3 Responses to My latest project – writing for CarbSmart magazine

  1. Hey Kent,

    Congrats on the new writing gig and welcome to the team at CarbSmart!!! I’m super thrilled to have you with us. You are an inspiration to all of us and also a very practical strategic guide on how to truly turn low carb and Atkins ketogenic eating into a healthy lifestyle, mind body and nutrition!!! As well as soul!

    Congrats on the half marathon. Can’t wait for you to share photos and your experience with all of us!!!

    You rock!

  2. Carol Altena says:

    Great going! You have made such good progress from where you were in only 9 yrs. you’ve done such awesome things helping others, and we’re sure you will continue to do good things at CarbSmart!

  3. Maxine says:

    Congrats on the new writing gig, I really like Carbsmart so will definitely check out the latest issue.

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