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I just wanted to say thanks to the response to my “Life Update” post.  I knew I was not alone in my struggles, and others had points in their life like I did where life/injuries/work got in the way of best intentions.   I am getting serious about the weight loss, and while it is still not dropping as fast as I would wish it to be, I am down 6 pounds.  Of course, one wishes it would  be a repeat of the 18 pounds I lost the first time.  It is not likely to have happened that way.

MyFitnessPal LogoWhile I am not likely to post many updates on my way down, it is a bit like watching paint dry from outsiders’ perspective.  I will however likely post a few new recipes here or on Facebook as I have been preparing a few new ones — Italian, Indian, Thai, and a few old favorites.  Here is my  plan:

  • Log my food and workouts everyday on MyFitnessPal (http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/bowulf ) as accurately as possible.  There are times when eating out that perfection is not possible, but it is my goal to be as accurate as possible.
  • Right now, my goal is simply 20-25g net carbs and focusing on getting vegetables in everyday.  If I need to speed up the weight loss or get frustrated with how slow it is, I will go back to Induction, which will mean giving up things like peanut butter, almond flour or whey protein powders.
  • I have also given up all sodas sweetened with aspartame, which has been tough.  I was pretty well addicted to caffeine, and as for sodas sweetened with sucralose or other desserts, they are an occasional items not even daily item.  I have significantly increased my water intake from essentially 0 oz to 60-80 oz per day.   This one has probably the toughest one due to habit, and there have been times where I have been simply angry because I wanted to go to QT for a Diet Coke post-workout or on my way home.  If one was to lose simply on amount on will power to say no, this one should have earned me 5 pounds.
  • Continue working out nearly every day with the main focus on cardio currently.  I will try to run at least twice a week.  I ran a 5k at the gym today, and my goal is be able to do that in less than 30 minutes by June.  (I used to be able to do it in 24 minutes.)

5 comments to Update to update

  • Carol S.

    Just found your site looking for low carb spinich recipe, and the spinich cheesy bacon turned out great. Can’t believe I haven’t seen your site after low carbing off and on for probably 8 years. Good luck on your program, best wishes to knock off another 6 in the coming weeks.

  • Bre

    Dear Kent,

    I just wanted to thank you for your kindness in sharing with others. I love your site and am just starting to go low carb. I am an old nurse who needs to lose over 140 pounds. I am dedicating this time to me. I am going strong right now because I can go to your site for encouragement and recipes for foods I really enjoy (versus recipes that are so complex to make and end up tasting like cardboard.

    Thank you!

    • That was always my goal — make and share foods that anyone could make, like my kids or guys who hadn’t cooked home-made in the kitchen in 10 years. (like myself) Thanks for your kind words, and keep me updated on your losses.

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