6 weeks report – 17 pounds down (or weight loss is not linear)

When I last reported, I had seen some quick results and was 6 pounds down.  I also laid out 4 things I was going to do:

  • Track in MyFitnessPal every day as closely as possible
  • Stick with 20-25g net carbs per day (Ongoing Weight Loss phase of Atkins)
  • Give up all diet sodas sweetened with aspartame and limit any diet sodas to only a few per day (drink lots of water)
  • Work out nearly every day (320 minutes per week) including 2 runs per week.

I wanted to provide a little feedback after another 4 weeks being focused on the diet.  I have nailed #1 and #2 resolutions.  With #3, I am good with my water intake every day – often in the 80+ ounces per day, but a few days I have exceeded my 3 cans of Diet Coke with Splenda.  With #4, I have nailed the workout each week, but this week I needed to bail on the runs due to a sore ankle.  Running while 300+ pounds is tough on the ankles, and this week it felt like I had a flat tire without the same bounce.  I would call #3 and #4 directionally very good.  With this in mind, I have lost another 11 pounds in the last 4 weeks.

I am constantly reminded however how NOT(!) linear weight loss is.  I will routinely see weight loss bounces of 2-4 pounds above my low weight for the week — weighing at the same time each day.  One particularly frustrating day was the weigh-in after we went hiking at Ledges State park.  For nearly 2 hours, we went up and down good size hills; sometimes carrying the dogs we had with us because they were scared of the hill climb.  My net caloric intake for the day was actually negative, and my total Calories for the day were only in the 1500 Calories due to not being around food.   You would imagine a big drop on the scale. I actually saw an increase of 2 pounds.  I was very frustrated at that and really considered rewarding myself with food (massive amount of wings) — was traveling for work, but decided to eat what satiated me instead. Within two days, I saw the bounce leave the scale.  While the overall direction is downward, I do intentionally not record the bounces midweek.

TripPhotoWith this in mind, I also wanted to talk about being strict.  I have made time or worked hard to ensure I stay strict to the diet and getting my workout in.  I am fortunate in that my daughter also wants to work out at the gym with me, so even if I might consider bailing on the workout, she is asking me at night when we are going.  I traveled to Minneapolis this week.  Saying no to beer when everyone else is having one happens often at off-site.  My wife Laura and I are leaving tomorrow for our 25th Wedding Anniversary trip to Europe.  We are going to Amsterdam, Munich, and Prague.

The plan right now is to loosen up the diet while traveling to Europe — dealing with language issues will be challenge enough.  As I try always to be transparent with my viewers, I will say there will be a time I will sample a Dutch pastry in Amsterdam or have real wienerschnitzel while in Munich. I will also have a mass (tankard of beer) while in Munich and a real Pilsner while by Prague.  I haven’t been to Europe since the early 90s and Laura has never been there.  It should be an adventure, and hopefully the miles we walk will counteract some of the consumption of carbs.


6 comments to 6 weeks report – 17 pounds down (or weight loss is not linear)


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