Atkins Diet Videos: Competing in my first Keto Strongman (Sioux Falls Strongest)

#Strongman #StrongmanCompetition #KetoLifting

I had to split my Strongman video into the training video and this competition one as I knew combined it would have been well over ten minutes. I hope you enjoy the look at my first dipping my toe in the Strongman water and seeing my wife doing awesome […]

Atkins Diet Videos: Training for my First Keto Strongman Competition

Atkins Diet Videos: Road to my First Strongman Competition

#Strongman #IowaGames #StrongmanCompetition

I wanted to show how I got inspired to do my first Strongman competition. The first time I lost and maintain the weight loss I was simply a cardio machine and would run miles every week. The answer to why I changed my mind and tack is rather simple […]

Atkins Diet Video: My Second Keto 112 Pound Success Story

When I published my first Success Story video, I never thought I would have to have a second one. Life however presented some challenges and forced me to rededicate myself to the diet and exercise again. In just a few days over one year, I lost 112 pounds from my high weight […]


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