Atkins Diet Video: My Second Keto 112 Pound Success Story

When I published my first Success Story video, I never thought I would have to have a second one. Life however presented some challenges and forced me to rededicate myself to the diet and exercise again. In just a few days over one year, I lost 112 pounds from my high weight of 337# back down to 225#. In the process, I tweaked what my diet and exercise plan actually was.

When I started this journey on September 7th, 2017, my goal was to get thin and fit again. I was going to lose the weight just as I did the first time — following the Atkins Diet primarily Extended Induction and cardio primarily running. After my last video and the strength gains I was seeing, I came to the realization I needed to tweak things from a standard Atkins or Keto diet. I was facing many days of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and not seeing the growth in muscle that I wanted. I changed my program from Low Carb, High Fat plan (roughly 1g Protein to 1g of Fat) to a Low Carbohydrate, High Protein plan.

It was all stimulated by Dr. Ted Naimann high protein experiment that the Ketohacking MD Podcast did in April. My plan from April to reaching my goal weight was:
* Targeting 1g of Protein per pound of ideal body weight (~240g daily)
* Targeting 2:1 grams of Protein to grams of Fat ratio per day (120g daily)
* 25g net carbs
Many days I would well exceed the protein target, but I tried to use Fat as the lever for the overall amount of Calories in the day. I found that if I overate my grams of Fat, that my overall Caloric intake would be much higher, so I had to keep a conscious eye on it or at least have energy expenditure to match it.

For exercise, I was working out every day with a variety of cardio: running — sprints, 5Ks, intervals, and increasing # of long runs; stair climbing, rowing, and elliptical for easy workout days. I also lifted heavy 3 days a week and eventually competed in a Strongman competition. I have already completed my 100 5K runs in 2018 goal I set in January, and my half marathon race in 10 days.

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