6 weeks report – 17 pounds down (or weight loss is not linear)


When I last reported, I had seen some quick results and was 6 pounds down. I also laid out 4 things I was going to do:

Track in MyFitnessPal every day as closely as possible Stick with 20-25g net carbs per day (Ongoing Weight Loss phase of Atkins) Give up all diet sodas sweetened with […]

Update to update

I just wanted to say thanks to the response to my “Life Update” post. I knew I was not alone in my struggles, and others had points in their life like I did where life/injuries/work got in the way of best intentions. I am getting serious about the weight loss, and while it is still […]

Life Update

Family vacation at Worlds of Fun

First, I want to thank everyone for their support over the years I was making videos on YouTube. Your support inspired me to do better videos and brighten my diet with new foods. I felt the encouragement every time I released a new video, ran a new marathon, […]

New video gear for the new year – Blue Yeti and Wireless Lavalier mics

Blue Yeti Microphone

Audio Technica ATR-288W

I have decided to update my audio gear for recording YT videos. I have been using a wired lavalier microphone (Audio Technica ATR-3350) for roughly a year now, and the 20+ foot cable was huge pain. The audio quality was good from the microphone, but the cord […]

My latest project – writing for CarbSmart magazine

I have been following the CarbSmart.com team (Andrew DeMino, Dana Carpender, Jimmy Moore, and my favorites — Amy Dungan and Susie Gibbs) for quite awhile. Carbsmart has been around for nearly 13 years, but last year they changed their focus from being the go-to source low carb products to being the go-to source for […]

Everything is not as it seems


I am in Seattle for a technical conference for Microsoft. I have to walk 8 blocks or so each way to the conference center, and on my way back, I noticed the sign hanging above my head from Protein Planet – Low Carb Cafe. It was 6pm, and they were already closed. A “Low Carb […]

2012 Year in Review


Here are just a few stats and photos from 2012:

2012 Youtube videos Composition (http://youtube.com/bowulf)

19 Induction Friendly recipe videos (61% of my videos) 6 Extended Induction Friendly recipe videos (19% of my videos) 6 OWL Friendly recipe videos (19% of my videos) 1 Product Review video 4 Other LC-related Videos Of the 31 recipe […]

Vote for me — Atkins All Stars Contest!

Atkins Company is having a contest to be 2012 Atkins All Star, and there is a prize for the one that wins. I have submitted my entry into the contest, and I would appreciate your support by voting for me. To support me:

Click this link – to vote for me. You may need to […]

I receive letters — sugar addiction worse than meth addiction

I normally don’t like to repost letters I receive from those that like my videos. Not because I don’t think there success story is not worth being published, but I really hate to self-promote myself. It doesn’t feel right to me, but occasionally I’ll get a letter so good that I feel I have to. […]

Recap Low Carb Cruise 2012

I have talked about the Low Carb cruise in the past, and last week (May 6th-13th) the date finally arrived. This was the first cruise for either Laura or I, and we had to drive 16-hours and 1000-miles to get to the departure port of Galveston, TX. We were a little apprehensive about our minivan […]


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