Post-trip report

The trip to Europe (Amsterdam, Munich, and Prague) went fantastic. With the exception of the day in Prague, the weather was blue skies and sunny. We spent many hours walking Amsterdam and sight-seeing in the Central Ring area. We also made it out of to the country-side the last day in Amsterdam and saw perhaps […]

6 weeks report – 17 pounds down (or weight loss is not linear)

When I last reported, I had seen some quick results and was 6 pounds down. I also laid out 4 things I was going to do:

Track in MyFitnessPal every day as closely as possible Stick with 20-25g net carbs per day (Ongoing Weight Loss phase of Atkins) Give up all diet sodas sweetened with […]

Update to update

I just wanted to say thanks to the response to my “Life Update” post. I knew I was not alone in my struggles, and others had points in their life like I did where life/injuries/work got in the way of best intentions. I am getting serious about the weight loss, and while it is still […]

Life Update

Family vacation at Worlds of Fun

First, I want to thank everyone for their support over the years I was making videos on YouTube. Your support inspired me to do better videos and brighten my diet with new foods. I felt the encouragement every time I released a new video, ran a new marathon, […]

New video gear for the new year – Blue Yeti and Wireless Lavalier mics

Blue Yeti Microphone

Audio Technica ATR-288W

I have decided to update my audio gear for recording YT videos. I have been using a wired lavalier microphone (Audio Technica ATR-3350) for roughly a year now, and the 20+ foot cable was huge pain. The audio quality was good from the microphone, but the cord […]

My latest project – writing for CarbSmart magazine

I have been following the team (Andrew DeMino, Dana Carpender, Jimmy Moore, and my favorites — Amy Dungan and Susie Gibbs) for quite awhile. Carbsmart has been around for nearly 13 years, but last year they changed their focus from being the go-to source low carb products to being the go-to source for […]

Everything is not as it seems

I am in Seattle for a technical conference for Microsoft. I have to walk 8 blocks or so each way to the conference center, and on my way back, I noticed the sign hanging above my head from Protein Planet – Low Carb Cafe. It was 6pm, and they were already closed. A “Low Carb […]

2012 Year in Review

Here are just a few stats and photos from 2012:

2012 Youtube videos Composition (

19 Induction Friendly recipe videos (61% of my videos) 6 Extended Induction Friendly recipe videos (19% of my videos) 6 OWL Friendly recipe videos (19% of my videos) 1 Product Review video 4 Other LC-related Videos Of the 31 recipe […]

Vote for me — Atkins All Stars Contest!

Atkins Company is having a contest to be 2012 Atkins All Star, and there is a prize for the one that wins. I have submitted my entry into the contest, and I would appreciate your support by voting for me. To support me:

Click this link – to vote for me. You may need to […]

I receive letters — sugar addiction worse than meth addiction

I normally don’t like to repost letters I receive from those that like my videos. Not because I don’t think there success story is not worth being published, but I really hate to self-promote myself. It doesn’t feel right to me, but occasionally I’ll get a letter so good that I feel I have to. […]


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