Atkins for Teens, aka how my kids succeed at low carbing

My son Brett, 52 pounds lost in 5 months(click for larger photo)

Starting at the beginning of the year, my son decided he was going to follow my lead and start low carbing. He had all the standard questions — what could eat, drink, how was he going to do this at school, and […]

My latest project – writing for CarbSmart magazine

I have been following the team (Andrew DeMino, Dana Carpender, Jimmy Moore, and my favorites — Amy Dungan and Susie Gibbs) for quite awhile. Carbsmart has been around for nearly 13 years, but last year they changed their focus from being the go-to source low carb products to being the go-to source for […]

New 2013 Atkins Quick Start guide released — featuring me :-)

Atkins Nutritional has re-released their FREE(!) Quick Start Guide to help people just starting the diet get off on the right foot and be successful. They have had these Quick Start guides for a couple years, and they are sort of a Cliff’s note version of reading the Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution (DANDR) or […]

Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Atkins Beef Merlot Frozen Foods

I completed a review of the Atkins Nutritional Chicken Broccoli Alfredo earlier this week. I liked the quality and the taste of the meal. It was good, and the chicken pieces were large and not rubbery. The broccoli florets were bright green, and the right texture (not too limp). I think these frozen foods could […]

Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Atkins Frozen Food

Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Atkins Nutritional Frozen Food

I was asked by Atkins Nutritional to do a product review on their new lineup of frozen dinners. I am excited by this group of products both for myself and those just starting the Diet. These products are all 6g net carbs or less and should […]

Was featured at – Success Story

Amy Dungan wrote a really nice article on me and my weight loss for the site’s e-zine.

If you want true inspiration, you need look no further than Kent Altena. A resident of Des Moines, Iowa, Kent is married to his high school sweetheart and they have four beautiful children. He works as […]

My new low carb cookbook, Low Carbing Among Friends

Announcing: Low Carbing Among Friends


I have been working on this project since the beginning of this year. I was initially convinced by some viewers to create a cookbook, and just so happened at the same time, Jennifer Eloff and her husband were contemplating writing another cookbook too. The difference from this […]

Validating the net carb formula – more blood glucose testing

or said differently — does fiber have a blood glucose impact?

One of my viewers really liked my flax bread recipe ( and said he was eating it nearly every day. He asked if I could validate to see if it had impacted one’s blood glucose similar to the products Jimmy Moore has been testing, […]

Life in NuVal Universe…

I was strolling through Hy-Vee earlier today looking for chicharrones, and I just so happened to be surprised by what Nuval had ranked Corn Tortillas on their recommendation. For those unaware what the NuVal scoring system is:

The NuVal™ System scores food on a scale of 1-100. The higher the NuVal™ Score, […]

Globe Magazine features my weight loss success story

I am admittedly not a Globe Magazine reader, but it was pretty cool nevertheless to see your name and photos in a national magazine as a weight loss success story. I was featured in the January 17 magazine in the article, “They Lost a Ton.” While I do have one particular issues with the […]


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