Learn from my mistake – Eating Out Oops

I ordered a Chipotle salad with Barbacoa meat, cheese, and fajita veggies. If I had stopped there I would have been fine. I added sour cream (usually 1g per serving – here 3g), salsa (usually 2-3g per serving, here 8g), and oil vinagrette dressing (usually 2-4g, here 12g). It goes to a failur…e of planning […]

801 Grand Power Climb Firefighters' Challenge – 2009 Edition

Sunday the 22nd will be date of the Iowa Lung Association 2009 801 Grand Power Climb. I am doing the firefighters’ challenge again this year.

Last year, I did this challenge in the midst of dealing with knee pain due to poor running form and no stretching. I hadn’t done any training to speak […]

Atkins Diet Misconceptions: Ketosis vs. Ketoacidosis

This is the next one in my series of Atkins Diet Misconceptions where I combat all myths and misunderstandings regarding low carbing. Another one of the oft-misunderstood low carb concepts is the whole difference between ketosis and the diabetic condition of ketoacidosis. It should be rather clear what the difference is between the two: […]

2009 State of the world address

I wanted to just post a state of the union or world message or where my life sits today type post. It is sort of New Year’s post 3 weeks late post to reflect with what 2008 meant to me, and where I plan to head this year.

Running: My running in 2008 in many […]

4 years later – Results of Atkineer Blood Work

One of the comments I routinely hear regarding my Youtube videos is that fine you were successful with the diet, but you are doing this at the expense of your organs, brain, blood vessels, heart, etc. I have been accused that I am literally on a precipice of a health disaster. I keep pointing back […]

In mourning again… R.I.P. Dutch

We are in mourning again. Our favorite, most personable rabbit died tonight. I didn’t think I would care this much for a rabbit when I have hunted his cousins as a boy. I didn’t cry as much as I did for Bo, our first dog, or even Lucky, but dang-it doesn’t it hurt to […]

Being proactive with security (Patches)

How to floss your security system | CNET News.com

Patch management is a little like flossing your teeth. Everyone knows they’re supposed to do it, but most of us still don’t. Some pundits say the simple answer for patching lies in proactivity. Get the patch applied before an incident occurs, and keep the problem from […]


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