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I was initially convinced by some viewers to create a cookbook, and just so happened at the same time, Jennifer Eloff and her husband were contemplating writing another cookbook too.  The difference from this one and her past (fantastic) cookbooks was this one was going be a collaboration cookbook by a number of the great low carb cooks in the community.  That is one thing that has always attracted me to the low carb community was the feeling of “in it together” or willingness to include or help others as you worked your own weight loss journey.  I was asked if I wanted to join their project, and I readily agreed.  Jennifer is very persuasive when she wants to be, and the idea was a great one.

The idea was to have 5 low carb cooks each provide the best of their best recipes, making a total of more than 300 great low carb recipes.  In addition to being low carb, this recipe was also going to be gluten free, which honestly was never a problem to convert my recipes.   In addition to 300+ recipes, 6 big name authors and bloggers also would contribute their wisdom, recipes, and tips to the book as well.  These 11 authors really made the project a communal experience — each featuring their own strengths, and you can tell that by photos of the recipes.  The book would be called “Low Carbing Among Friends” (http://amongfriends.us/)

Here’s a blurb from the website:

Low-Carbing Among Friends, as its name suggests, is a collaborative cookbook with five recipe authors,  two well-known active, and knowledgeable cheerleaders, and four highly qualified, experienced medical Dr’s. That’s a GOLD MEDAL team of 11 stars in the low-carb world!  In fact, this team spans all age groups and all regions of the low-carb world. One hundred percent of the recipes are strictly low-carb and all low-carbers willlove this book, as there are so many eligible recipes! From Induction to OWL (ongoing weight loss) and even some for moderate low-carbing; all recipes are less than 10 grams of carbohydrate per serving and most are less than 5 grams of carbohydrate per serving.

I went through my recipes, and over 80% of my recipes were Induction Friendly.

More media buzz on the book:

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