2012 Year in Review

Here are just a few stats and photos from 2012:

2012 Youtube videos Composition (http://youtube.com/bowulf)

19 Induction Friendly recipe videos (61% of my videos) 6 Extended Induction Friendly recipe videos (19% of my videos) 6 OWL Friendly recipe videos (19% of my videos) 1 Product Review video 4 Other LC-related Videos Of the 31 recipe […]

Updates and other items

I feel guilty that I haven’t been making videos or updates here as I once was. I talked about that in my last video, but I am glad to say the light is definitely at the end of the stress tunnel. Work at Microsoft has been going well. While I have still been working longer […]

Ragnar Relay Chicago 2012 & Tips

First a tip, I was asked by a viewer about starting a podcast for them to watch on their iPod or iPad in their kitchen. I was happy to tell them there is already a podcast RSS feed for every Youtube channel. My RSS link is: http://www.youtube.com/rss/user/bowulf/videos.rss

It’s always nice to be able to satisfy […]

Low Carb Cruise 2012 – here I come*

One of the things that I most enjoy about the low carb lifestyle is the community. I would not have been successful if others had not first succeeded and imparted their wisdom to me. They shared their recipes, stories of how they worked out, and how they persevered through the difficult times or temptations. I […]


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