No Chinese on Atkins Diet – Pshaw! Low Carb Sweet n’ Sour Chicken recipe

You think of typical Chinese foods, and you often think of breaded deep fried pieces of meat with overdone vegetables submerged in a corn starch-filled sauce that has enough simple carbs to cause glycemic shock. Before Atkins, I would have been in bliss by this thought and readily had a second or third helping […]

Being sick on low carb

While being on low carb certainly helps one’s immune system, it does not necessarily preempt life from intruding on one’s plans. I have been waylay-ed with a sinus infection recently, which was probably passed more than likely from my wife. It has driven me indoors and back into the kitchen to retry some recipes and […]

Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Chinese Orange Chicken

Low Carb Chinese Orange Chicken

I have been working on this recipe idea for awhile. I had gotten the idea for it from a viewer of mine, and my first attempt while tasty just wanted orangey-enough, and it certainly didn’t click or stick to the chicken like a rich Chinese sauce should. I played […]

Recipe in the works… Faux Orange Chicken

I got the idea from one of my Facebook friends on Atkins Diet Videos fan page. She said she was couldn’t find Diet Cola with Splenda for my buffalo wings recipe, so she used diet orange soda instead. That got me thinking that one could make one of my Chinese favorite foods, Orange Chicken , […]


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