Updates and other items

I feel guilty that I haven’t been making videos or updates here as I once was. I talked about that in my last video, but I am glad to say the light is definitely at the end of the stress tunnel. Work at Microsoft has been going well. While I have still been working longer […]

2010 Des Moines Half Marathon weekend and life as 2:10 pacer

This past weekend was the weekend of the 2010 IMT Des Moines Half and Full Marathon. I was scheduled to help out and pace the two hour and ten minute (2:10) half marathon pace group, which means I would have to run at roughly 9:55 pace over 13.1 miles while cheering on the other runners […]

Sign me up! I am ready to taper…

I have written in the past about my problems getting ready for the fall marathon. The last 18 mile run went rough. I didn’t eat right before hand, and the last 4 miles were grueling similar to the last 6 of the marathon. I also didn’t hydrate well during the run. Since then, I missed […]


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