National fitness magazine interested in me…

I just heard back from a PR person who had received interest from “a national men’s fitness magazine about your (my) story.” It turns out they were interested in finding someone who had lost half himself and inspired others. I wrote back to her saying while my wife has lost a considerable amount of weight, […]

Atkins Diet and Cholesterol: Facts and Myths

*** First my apologies that Pinnacle Studios screwed up the audio – video sync at the end >7:40. I tried redoing the video three times, but the same out of sync happened each time.***

In this video, I deal with another one of the myths that Atkins Diet increases one’s cholesterol level due to […]

The psychological and social impacts of the Atkins Diet or Weight loss changes

In this video, I deal with the perhaps unintended or least recognized consequences of obesity and losing weight. That is social and psychological aspects of losing weight or why you may be self-sabotaging yourself from losing weight. Many of us appreciate or utilize our fat as an insulator from the outside world.

Our obesity […]


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