Atkins Diet Recipes: Low carb “chicken in a biskit” crackers (OWL)

Atkins Diet Recipes: Low carb “chicken in a biskit” crackers (OWL)

One of the things people miss on a low carb diet is often snack foods and things to dip, like chips and crackers. I have tried many other cracker recipes, but this one is my favorite. It was developed out of a recipe […]

Low Carb Tex-Mex – Armadillo Eggs (IF)

I was browsing the Internet for recipes, and came across this one. ( It was high carb with its inclusion and breading of white flour, but I knew I could rebuild it even better than it was before. You might be wondering why it is called eggs, and the best reason is that with […]

Low carb State Fair food? Deep Fried Cheese balls

I wanted to make another fun snack food item. Deep fried cheese balls were always a favorite as a kid, and I saw them on the “Diners and Dives ” FoodTV show a couple weeks ago. I had to do a fair bit of experimenting to get them right, but it was definitely worth […]

Last Super Bowl recipe: Low Carb Stuffed Mushrooms (IF)

Atkins Diet Recipes: Stuffed Mushrooms

I’ll be the first one to admit that I am not a big mushroom fan, and I’ll pick it off my pizza if we get one with it on. My wife and eldest daughter wanted it, and it sounded like a recipe appropriate for the Super Bowl. They both […]


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