Blood Glucose testing – Splenda and my BG levels

One of the things I had always wanted to do is validate some of the things I believed with something I knew. That is how certain things like sugar free desserts I make or sugar free soda might affect my blood glucose levels. I know this has been in vogue recently with both Jimmy Moore […]

Recipe in the works… Faux Orange Chicken

I got the idea from one of my Facebook friends on Atkins Diet Videos fan page. She said she was couldn’t find Diet Cola with Splenda for my buffalo wings recipe, so she used diet orange soda instead. That got me thinking that one could make one of my Chinese favorite foods, Orange Chicken , […]

Atkins Diet Video: Acceptable Low Carb Sweeteners

In this video, I give my perspective on the acceptable sweeteners for those following a low carb diet. A number of new sweeteners have hit the market since Dr. Atkins wrote his book, and while I don’t presume to talk for him, I am giving my perspective on the sweeteners on the market based […]


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