Trouble in marathon training

I completed my 20-mile training run on Saturday. I have had much better runs this year, and I ended up walking at the end almost as much as running. I developed a pain in the top of my foot and ever step was a stab of pain. I had felt this type of pain before, […]

First week of Marathon Training Completed

I wanted to document the first week being complete for marathon training. Due to the weather and road conditions, I have been forced inside for many of my runs. I completed 4 runs this week:

Sunday – 5k run 26:30, plus another .6 miles Monday — Elliptical (40 minutes) Tuesday — Fireman training (SCBA skills […]

Marathon Training Update – Valentine's Day edition

The weather in Iowa has been atrocious for running weather with multiple days of 3+ inches of snow fall and most of the roads slick with ice. That said I am so-so on plan. My weekend long runs are still progressing on pace, but some of the week day runs are being missed. The good […]


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