Not only your cake, but low carb Butter Cream Frosting recipe too…

When asked for a cake recipe for someone’s birthday, I knew I had to do a recipe for frosting shortly thereafter. You simply can’t have a plain birthday cake without frosting, can you? This recipe is a bit more involved than the Cinnabon icing recipe, which was my first attempt at frosting, but I […]

New series of quick “how-to” webisodes

I know I can’t be alone in being clueless to some items in the kitchen. Often you hear about a technique or an item, and you have no clue how it was used or perhaps even what it was in the first place. To this end, I have started a new series of Atkins in […]

Eyeballing foods or bringing Atkins to the metric world

One of the things that keeps being driven home to me through my Youtube channel is how small this world actually is. One of the ways this gets exhibited is when the metric world reads the Atkins plan, and asks me what is a cup of veggies? Is it a baby’s sippy cup, a beer […]

Milk alternatives on a low carb diet – are you missing milk?

Atkins Diet: Missing Milk?

One of my beverages I favored before Atkins Diet was milk. Now milk is not particularly necessary for its calcium content with the possibility from vegetables, cream, and cheese. It does however work well in shakes or smoothies. Granted none of these are Induction friendly, but they are all significantly […]

Getting paid to produce videos?

Getting paid to do something you like to do is of course the dream of most people. Self-satisfaction, others’ gratitude, and the knowledge of being a service to others certainly has always been my prime motivation to produce my Atkins Diet videos, but I readily recognize that time spent in one activity precludes actions spent […]

2009 – Year in Youtube Atkins Videos review

This post is just a random smattering of interesting (at least to me) stats on my videos on Youtube. I like to review where I have been to help determine where I should go in the future:

Number of total 2009 video views: 413,763 Average # of Views / Day 1134 Average Rating on Videos […]


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