One of my best dessert recipes ever — Low Carb Poke Cake

Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Poke Cake

I came up with this idea as I was down in Florida, and I wanted to come up with a sure-fire hit for the next party, whether low carb or high carbers were attending. I am pretty sure I did that as the cake remains moist for days after baking and melts in your mouth. I dressed this recipe up with optional strawberries, which only add a little to the listed nutrition information.

Nutrition Info (per Serving)
228 Calories, 21.5g Fat, 4.8g Total Carbs (2.3g Fiber), 6.2g Protein


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    This looks like a great recipe. How do I print the recipe?

    • admin

      You can cut and paste the ingredients, but the directions of the “how to” you’ll likely have to transcribe it or write down the steps. Sorry, that is just one area I don’t focus upon.

  • I can’t figure out how many servings there are in one poke cake. Though I see the other statistics about the serving. I would love to eat the whole cake and call it a serving, but I know that wouldn’t be the truth.

    • admin

      If you go to the video, I make a comment that there were 12 servings per cake (15:45 in the video), it’s also in the video description. I made the judgement call with mine that there were 12 servings, so I divided my cake into 4 equal rows of 3 pieces each. It’s the same way with pizza or a circular cake — quarter it and then divide each quarter into three pieces.

      If you want bigger pieces, say 9 pieces. Take the existing my nutrition information times 12 to get the information for the whole cake, and then divide that number by 9.

  • I see it now, don’t know how I missed it on film and print. Thanks, and by the way you are my hero. Also, my brother is a Fire Captain with the city of Las Vegas, need a T shirt?

    • admin

      No problem — normally I copy and paste the ingredients to this blog, but this time I left them only in the original location. I am honored when ever any body included me on their weight loss journey. I certainly looked up to many of the trailblazers before I lost mine, and I like to think that I am just repaying their favor. As for the t-shirt, I always love a new department shirt — what firefighter doesn’t like wearing ’em.

  • Let me know where to ship it, p.o. box or whatever is safe for your pick up and privacy.


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