Validating the net carb formula – more blood glucose testing

or said differently — does fiber have a blood glucose impact?

One of my viewers really liked my flax bread recipe ( and said he was eating it nearly every day.  He asked if I could validate to see if it had impacted one’s blood glucose similar to the products Jimmy Moore has been testing, like Dreamfield’s Pasta or Julian’s Bread.  The tests would really validate if one could subtract fiber from your total carbohydrate counts as it did not stimulate insulin release or affect blood glucose.  I was happy to oblige him, so I decided I would test 2x serving size with a slice of cheese to make the test palatable.  I wanted to ensure I had a large enough sample size to prove the results.  The total carbohydrates for the test (with cheese) was nearly 6g of carbs, but only 1g other the fiber carbohydrates.

Here were my results

7:20 am – Fasting blood glucose level: 82; Consume flax bread and cheese sandwich

7:50 am – Re-test blood glucose: slight rise to 90

8:20 am – Re-test blood glucose: return to roughly original value (83)

To me, this demonstrates the limited impact of the fiber on one’s blood glucose in line with common thought and current “net” carbohydrate formulas.  This was one of the major changes from the diet as it was originally released back in 1970s and the last version of the Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution released in 2002.

9 comments to Validating the net carb formula – more blood glucose testing

  • Nina

    Where’s the 2 hour test? Dr William Davis and the Blood Sugar 101 author recommend 1 and 2 hour tests because people differ in their responses to foodstuffs.


    • admin

      My goal was to test to the point my blood glucose returned to normal. I know others may have more rigorous testing standards, but that was my target. If the blood glucose had remained elevated, I would have continued, but work certainly limits my capability to do testing for prolonged periods.

  • Kent, I find this blood sugar testing interesting, so much so that I bought a meter and test strips from WalMart. It felt a little weird standing there deciding what I should buy, since I’m not diabetic. But anyway, I’m curious to test blood sugar in response to running. Have you ever done this?

    • admin

      That is an interesting test. I have my long run tomorrow, so it would be a good test scenario for a 10-miler. I am not sure if blood glucose will be the next heart rate monitor numbers, and the best performing runners demonstrate level blood sugars vs. crashing blood sugars. If I can I remember at oh dark 30, I will try to report my before and after stats.

  • Cool, we can compare numbers then cause I was planning a long run too tomorrow, 12 miles sounds bout right, and measuring every 3 miles. But I have to figure out how to use it first!

  • I just did my first blood glucose test. It was about 90 minutes after I had a meal (pizza toppings on eggplant). The reading was 95 mg/dL. I’m not really looking forward to poking myself with a needle 4 or 5 times tomorrow, but it’s all for science.

    • admin

      Being one who gives blood (or more accurately platelets), the gauge of the lancet in my kit is tiny in comparison to the Blood Center’s lancet to test my hematocrit. I was imagining my fingers looking like pin cushions but these test strips only need like .5ml sample size, but I do know what you mean about feeling weird purchasing it when you don’t have the condition that normally warrants it.

  • I ran 13.1 miles this morning and took blood glucose readings at roughly 3 mile intervals. I expected to have even levels, maybe dropping a little bit. That’s not what happened. I’ll write a blog post about it this week with the details.

  • That is so interesting. I followed Kelly to her blog. Also very interesting.


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