Atkins Diet Recipes: Easy Low Carb Ice Cream


Atkins Diet Recipes: Easy Low Carb Ice Cream

I posted another low carb ice cream video a few years ago, and it is really good.  It however does require a lot of work with shaking the bag for quite awhile to make the ice cream. This recipe is only about 2 minutes of prep and 1-2 hours of chilling required.  It is probably more accurately a frozen dessert rather than ice cream as there is no cream in this recipe. It is also more versatile as one can add the ingredients you like to the recipe like the second variant of chocolate peanut butter ice cream, which is my favorite.

If you want you can run the batter through an ice cream maker, and it should be done sooner. The food processor already beats in significant amount of air, so it should not take as long as regular cream-based ice creams too. Let me know what is your favorite ice cream flavor in the comment section.

Nutrition Info Per Serving (1/2 cup):
170 Calories, 8.9g Fat, 5.5g Total Carbs (0.8g Fiber), 16g Protein

(OWL) – Appropriate for Ongoing Weight Loss phase due to presence of cottage cheese

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3 Responses to Atkins Diet Recipes: Easy Low Carb Ice Cream

  1. Really great Atkins Diet Recipe – Low-Carb Ice Cream. I tried your advise and made the chocolate peanut butter ice cream. It was very delicious. My family ate it and did not even know that it was an Atkins Diet Recipe. We loved it. I would love maybe an English Toffee or Butter Toffee Ice Cream Recipe.

  2. Ajay Sharma says:

    Atkins Diet usually focuses on the low carbohydrate diet. And Ice-cream is one of the favorite dish for everyone. Sharing this recipe on ice-cream with low carb content can be useful for those following Atkins diet. Keep it up and thanks for this recipe. 🙂

  3. Joyce says:

    I don’t know where else to post this, so I’ll post it here. I’ve been following your Atkins adventures for years – only now am I really jumping on the low carb bandwagon. Not Atkins, but close enough for me, and I’m following a plan I can make a lifestyle and live with. Speaking of making a diet a lifestyle, I read with complete agreement your post on the Carbsmart website where the author posted about Atkins plateaus and you voiced your opinion about all the “fat fasts”, etc. that are now taking over the internet. Instead of lowering carbs even more and living on induction forever, folks need to learn to tweak their plan so they can live on it for life. If I had to do the “fat bombs” fad every time I gained a little weight, I’d lose my mind. Honestly, living on 1,000 calories a day, mostly of fat, is not what I all a lifestyle.

    Please post more to your blog! You have a wealth of information and post so many great recipes. But your advice is super as well! This is just to let you know how much my husband and I appreciate your recipes and advice. Keep on keeping on!

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