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First, I want to thank everyone for their support over the years I was making videos on YouTube. Your support inspired me to do better videos and brighten my diet with new foods. I felt the encouragement every time I released a new video, ran a new marathon, or ran an Atkins boot camp. I was able to be published in multiple cookbooks, write for a low carb magazine Carbsmart, speak on multiple low carb podcasts, and more importantly become friends with many low carbers and watch many of your own weight loss journeys. It is for these friends that I wanted to write this missive to let you know how I am doing and where I have been.

I know my final video had big plans for more videos being released, but a couple changes happened at my job. The specifics aren’t necessary, but the short answers I am often working evening hours and doing more travel than ever before. Combine this change with the recognition, I have 3 teenage children in high school. My life has gotten busier, and things have had to be prioritized. For example, I had to reduce my involvement in the fire department, my marathon training has nearly stopped, and of course the low carb videos have stopped. The evidence was pretty clear to all involved I was doing too much.

Albeit the largest reason, busyness is not the only reason though. I would be lying if that was the only case. For the first time in the 10 years, I experienced a serious regain. If I was simply a blogger, it would not matter and I could continue to blog and perhaps ignore the regain while keeping my readers in the dark. However a video maker doesn’t have that freedom, and even looking at the comments of my last video, people are questioning a 260 pound man (6’4″) as “hellaciously fat” making videos. (ignoring the fact I was still 160 pounds down). I am even heavier now, and while not happy with it, my focus on family and job did succeed in those being successful.

I do feel unworthy (edited: better word not credible) or ill-suited at the moment to make videos or even comment much about low carbing. I still absolutely follow the low carb diet with only a handful of days on a Christmas cruise where I was less than low carb. However, the question of the regain is there. Why did it happen? Was it stress related as Lord knows I have prayed about that enough times? Was it hidden carbs? Was it taking long liberties away from exercising? Is my metabolism screwed up for years of low carbing or set wrong due to years of marathon running? Is it because I hit the 4-0 birthday? The answer is probably more complex than I know, and really the only solution is to lose the weight again to figure out what will work this time.

I have tried and attempted multiple different items with little success besides stemming the increasing tide of weight gains to periods of stagnation. I have tried journaling, lower carb, monitoring blood sugar, doing another Atkins boot camp, increasing my workouts to every single day, and even ran and paced a couple half and full marathons. The long term trajectory of my weight has been upwards. It has been frustrating to say the least. I would have loved a simple answer — drop 5g net carbs or run another mile — but it has not been so.

In the past 2.5 years of working for Microsoft, I have made my life and happiness more than simply about my weight though. I have enjoyed my life, and I do consider myself as blessed as ever. I do however know that I can’t remain this weight long term without health conditions returning – like the sleep apnea, the high blood pressure, lack of energy, etc. I have seen hints of what is to come (or return), and it is concerning.

While I am still working out, I am no longer able to run for miles or even a mile at speeds more than a slog. (conjunction of “slow jog”) I now run for 5 minutes and walk a minute. Being considerably over my marathon weight has definitely made running not a lot of fun, and workouts are something I have to do instead of something I wanted to do. Since November of last year, I have been working out consistently even winning a contest with my daughter Tasha for most days worked out. These are not going out in the middle of winter at -5F and running 4 miles workouts though. Motivation has been external than largely internal.   I am still competitive to want to win a contest, but dude, are the workouts a drag! Fake it until you make it hasn’t worked so far.

Where does that leave me? My life is still extremely good. I hate the extra weight I put on, and I know it can’t stay. My family of course remains my first priority and as an extension my job – being the main provider for them. I remain focused to continue to keep working out and putting the minutes in. I don’t have my answers yet, but like I said, I wanted to let you know where I am at right now.

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World Series 2015

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World Series 2015


30 comments to Life Update

  • Julie

    I really hear you – loud and clear. Sounds like we have been walking the same road and I understand how frustrating it is to not be able to lose the weight when you think you’re doing all the “right” things. My next attempt is going to be watching the calories – not counting but being very aware – as well as monitoring the carbs – as I am unable to do the walking and activity I was previously doing. Good luck with your travels and I hope we both find our way back to feeling healthy and energetic!

  • Kent,
    I’m so sorry to read of the comments from judgement jerks. They don’t have a clue as to how complex this can be sometimes. Not a copout, just true. I lost about 158 lbs doing low carb; had health issues; hit a wall; did a regain of about 50 lbs, and am trying to unravel the issues, trying “everything”. So I get it.

    You might have already checked this out, but thought I’d offer it for consideration anyway. One group that has helped me stop the regain, and given science backed advice (especially as to me eating too little protein) is the Facebook group called Optimal Ketogenic Living, led by Raymund Edwards. They are willing to help people sort out the specifics of a stall, and tweak it personally for each one. It seems many many folks, after years of doing very low carb, hit this similar wall, and need to make adjustments.

    You’ve given so much over the years thru your videos and recipes, and I appreciate that very much. You seem like a genuinely nice guy! So it’s in that spirit of appreciation I offer the info about the FB group.
    My best to you,

  • You know I understand the struggle too. Behind you all the way while you look for answers. 🙂

  • Sean

    Hang in there. I started Atkins at 335 pounds–a place I never thought I’d be. At 300 pounds, I started walking. Everything hurt, progress was slow, and you could have timed me with a sundial. I’m down to 265 today–the first time I’ve been in that neighborhood in at least a decade. Walking is easier (and faster). I’ve had plenty of setbacks myself along the way, felt discouraged, and had the daily grind of life distract me from my goals.

    If I’ve learned anything, it’s to not let setbacks completely sabotage a good thing. You may fall off the wagon again–get back on as soon as possible. And don’t beat yourself up. At the end of the day you know success is possible, and you’ve encouraged many to start their own Atkins journey.

    Thanks for your candor, and take care.

  • Ann

    Your videos have been a tremendous help to me and many others. As with everything else it seems, it is a journey, not a destination. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that your “fans” are in your corner. And we will be praying for you to get through these challenges.

  • Pat Bennett

    Glad to see your smiling face! Everybody runs into “life”, not to worry… Rock on! 🙂

  • Kay

    Welcome back!! So glad to see you HAPPY and back here. I can relate to this. I was “with you” back then, losing the weight, and doing so well. Fast forward a year from then, and “life” happened to me as well.. as it does everyone. I am a single mother, in charge of “everything” at home and the sole breadwinner… so I get where you are coming from. I gained the weight back, and then some. However, I am beginning my third week in, lchf and doing well… okay. There has been some loss, but not as quickly as in the past. However, I feel much better, and that alone is helping me stay on track. I know you are diligent enough to find your “niche” again, and wish you the best. We were all here with you before, and are again now.. 🙂 Stay strong and your candor is much appreciated. Take care 🙂 K

  • Kristi N

    Life does have its priorities. I was in grad school and my focus on low carb went out the window by choice. I know it only hurt me; but, I am human and society isn’t always low carb friendly. As far as your videos, I would rather see a real person on a journey like me as opposed to someone who is an athority any day. I was watching your videos last night! You are a role model to many! Still! I will be climbing back on the wagon (so to speak) in the very near future! Thanks for keeping in touch with your followers!

  • Mary Alice


    Thank you for the update. I appreciate your honesty; your successes; your struggles.

    Best to you and your family.

  • Hanny M.

    Hi Kent
    First of all, Do not be discouraged, be stong
    I saw the videos you posted on YouTube and learned, low carb Recipes, from you. So Thank You!
    You see I have a serious genetic weight problem, so I started Atkins 5 years ago, and 38kg took off after 3 years. But two years ago I started to take care of my sick mother
    (Who died in September 2014) This was a difficult time for me,So in these two years, I have gained 17 kg
    Last month, I gathered my strength, and started Atkins Once again, and Lost 2 kg all ready, no sports,
    I am very careful on my diet, Yet, the weight go down Very slowly.
    You see Kent, Sometimes, Life Take us in to Regression.
    Each and his reasons, For me, this stress and frustration.
    I hope, You find your inner strengths, and learn your weaknesses, in your way to success

    Hanny M

  • Carol Altena

    Hi Kent!
    I saw it coming, but did not know what to say–because I was gaining also. I said I was happy, doing what I always wanted to do, working,
    had faith in God but people kept saying how good I looked!! That is a downfall if there ever was one!! 30lbs. later I’m feely pretty tight
    around the middle. I bad for you and all of us who are struggling with gaining, prioritizing, and just finding a healthy middle ground.
    And just being satisfied with a healthy body! I’m so proud of you Kent, how you inspired so many people and what you’ve achieved in the last
    30 years! Of course, I’m partial! Mom

  • Mary Williams

    Thanks for posting, many of us old timers wondered what happened, and how you were. We all “get it”. Thank you for being so courageous. We all struggle, at least those of us who “get it”. Best to you friend, mentor, warrior… We are in this fight together…thank you for all the inspiration, videos, blogs, etc. Take care of yourself and your beautiful family. Life gets in the way sometimes, but we are thankful for our beautiful lives and you. Please keep in touch. You are such an inspiration to many, especially now. Take good care.

  • Jen Houck

    Kent – your recipes and videos helped me and my husband lost 130 & 160 each! We have both gained back some over the past 2 years but are hanging in there. I believe in alow carb – grain free lifestyle. We need more recipes from YOU. Yours are my favorites in the LCAF’S books. They are easy and good. Hang in there and stick with it for your family and for yourself.

  • Ditamac

    Hi Kent,
    Have been wondering quite awhile why you hadn’t posted. I understand how hard it is to start again. Turning 40 I am sure is one of the reasons for the weight gain. It happened to me and my husband. Please know that those of us that have followed your recipes and advice appreciate all you have done for us. We wish you success in the future in your life plan, family and work. We are so glad you posted this so we would know that you are all right. Prayers coming your way. Again thanks for all you help.

  • Chris

    Go very low carb, very high fat. Take a month just to keto adapt. Visit Butter Bob on youtube. Make more videos showing your come back! They’ve helped me drop 100 lbs this last year.

  • Renee D

    Hi Kent,

    I just wanted to say thank you for being such an inspiration to me and to so many others. Your videos have helped me be able to stick to the atkins lifestyle without getting discouraged. You are so kind and relatable. When I watch your videos I feel like a friend is talking to me. You took so much time answering all of our questions and giving us faith that we too could have great results if we follow the plan. Your family will be in my prayers and thank you again for sharing what you have learned in order to help so many others out there struggling with weight issues. I will be forever grateful. Take care.

  • Laura

    Kent I just went through the same thing. I thought that’s it , maybe I’m too old, maybe it’s all those diet centers but I couldn’t take off the 80 lbs. I truley believed I was done, and my health was getting worse. I looked into stomach stapling and the like, but the truth is, I would not stick to the low carb for more then 5 days cheat, then start the diet again.and this went on for two years. I have been low carbing for 30 years before Atkins. I prayed for Gods strength each night and this worked for me as I felt I couldn’t and wouldn’t disappoint Him..this seems to be the only way for me that got that weight off.

  • Jan

    Thanks so much for all you have done, love all the recipes and seeing you make them always helped me stay on track. As we all do, we loose focus and life gets so busy, but hang in there, you know you can keep yourself healthy! God bless!!

  • Erica K

    Kent- I can’t tell you how helpful your videos have been to me. I understand that sometimes life gets to busy to fit everything we want into it. I hope to see you back on YouTube soon.

  • Suzanne


    Thanks for the update. I was worried after the prolonged silence. We all have ups and downs in life and setbacks. These don’t make you unworthy. I’ve enjoyed your videos and particularly appreciated the cheesey flax bread and the wiener schnitzel.

    Remember you make a huge difference in this world and may not know the extent of your reach. You inspire people with the idea that this is possible. Some of my work is with individual clients, often with multiple health problems and excess weight. They get bullied on all sides over the weight. Your bread recipe is a godsend to them, as they can enjoy the taste and texture, without feeling guilty.

    It’s so helpful to SEE you doing the stuff.

    I’ve disagreed with you on the amount of sweetener in recipes in the past, but I always argue with low carbers across the water on this issue and the North American sweet tooth (so it’s not personal.)

    If Jimmy Moore can go through a major gain and come back, then so can you.

    I hope you’re looking after your health and getting enough sleep.

    All the best.

    • Unworthy was probably the wrong word, uncredible is probably closer to what I felt. No one wants to see a guy back losing but not an outward success making videos.

      I am very glad I still have people appreciating the work I did, and I am looking forward to the time I can post a new success story video about my problems and pathway back. It won’t be today, but I know if I keep working I’ll be back to videos.

      Thanks for the continued concern.


      • Suzanne

        Ah but you are so CREDIBLE. You post a real life story, warts (setbacks) an’ all. It’s not a glossy ‘look how perfect and easy my life is’, which would just turn people off.

  • Landria

    Heck no you’re not alone 😉 my goodness we have all fallen hard and fast at some point or other. We are only human, but Gods grace is sufficient for us in our struggles even when it comes to weight loss. I’m so glad you’re back and am looking forward to your success and more post and videos ( whenever you’re ready). I think the peanut gallery would agree with me 😉

    • Thanks Landria! The good news is that right now in the first 28 days I have dropped 14 pounds, but it is indeed a challenge each and every day to make sure I keep pushing. (and not drinking the soda — my bad habit) It is always good to know I have others rooting for me. 🙂

  • Landria

    A wise fish once said,” just keep swimming” .. That’s all us Low-Carbers can do. And yes, you have many, many, people rooting for you 🙂

  • Wendy McCullough

    You are not the only one who has dealt with this. I was in this predicament when I met you at the LC Meet and Greet a few years ago! I appreciate your transparency! Will be here cheering you on! The past six months I have lost my motivation. 🙁 I seriously need to get back on track myself. I am definitely a turtle, which makes it more challenging. You have always been an inspiration to me and will continue to be so. 🙂

    • Thanks Wendy for the kind comments, and my goal is always to be that guy with my friends, whether online or in person. The good news Wendy is that even though you may have been off track or less serious like I was that you can get motivated and get back heading towards health again. The update on me is that 6 weeks later I am 17 pounds down. I am getting results again and while they may never be as fast as one would hope, perseverance is keeping me honest and motivated to stay strict.

  • Gi Gi

    Dear Kent,

    I’m so glad I found your facebook video page with the link to this website. I have followed you over the years and was wondering what had happened. Just for clarity, did you stop low carbing, is that why the weight returned? Or were you doing the same thing you’ve always done, and you regained anyway. Also, did you stop/dramatically decrease your exercise? Although not popular, and we hear comments to the contrary, I’ve read time and time again that one just cannot depend on exercise to keep the weight off, because once you stop the exercise, for whatever reason, you WILL regain. I only ask these questions because I’m having weight issues myself. In my case it was because I stopped lowcarbing (I’ve never depended on exercise), and I was wondering if that was your issue too.

    Hang in there. You’ve got your head on straight – family, faith, work, fun – those are my (and maybe your) priorities. But I hear you about the health issues. Believe me, I’m experiencing them with the weight gain.

    Thanks in advance for any insight Ken, and please keep posting! You are STILL inspirational; believe me!


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